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Updated: May 15, 2021

Get the most out of your Senior or Graduate's Portrait Session with my newest 'Style Guide' and 6 trends for 2021

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'Making the most of your Photography Sessions'

“Dan, do you have a style guide that is super simple? I need one that I can give to both my Daughter and Son!.” Thanks! - Katie

You bet Katie, right here below! And why not add some trends while we are at it!

2021 Senior Portraits Guide Daniel Adams
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Six Senior Portrait Photography Trends

Candid shots.

No one likes a forced smile! Many seniors and photographers, myself included,prefer candid shots and personality pics. I absolutely love the authentic nature of these shoots and feel that the images are much more timeless.

Location, location, location!

When it comes to picking a location for a senior’s shoot, get personal. The location can dictate the style and 'feel' of the shoot. How the shot 'feels' is something you'll hear and read often from me. If there is a special park, cityscape, or street, definitely consider shooting there! Locations with meaning behind them will make for photos that will be cherished forever.

Planning makeup, hair, and the perfect outfit.

It’s important for your graduate to look and feel like the best version of themselves. This helps in front of the camera and shows in my final edits. This will also ensure they love their photos as much as you do! When it comes to hair and makeup, I suggest getting it done professionally or going a little extra for the session. But definitely refrain from overdoing it or any hairstyle that your graduate would normally not wear.

For outfits, I suggest having a couple outfit changes! One casual, think blue jeans or a sundress. One dressy, for guys maybe a jacket, think smart business, and the ladies, a more formal style dress or skirt. For the last outfit, make it fun! Add in some garments from a college they've selected, their favorite band tee, or something that will have meaning when you both look back at these images in years to come!

Group shots, If we can do so safely of course!

Now more than ever graduates are inviting their friends and hosting group senior photo sessions. I absolutely love this idea because we can capture candid and long lasting memories with their closest friends. I also love the comfortability this encourages, it will definitely make for some fun, silly, and beautiful shots to remember!

Natural lighting

Nope, I get out of my studio this time of year and so should your graduate! Especially during this darn pandemic! Senior portraits in natural sunlight are stunning! If their shoot is scheduled and it's bad weather please don’t stress. You can always reschedule or just push through and actually grab some very unique pics! There's a reason why pros use professional gear. And cloud coverage, yep, it makes for some beautifully soft lighting all day!

Concept shoots

If your grad is looking to show off their personality, try a concept shoot! We can design the day or group a group session around a cool car, a significant celebration, or even some amazing props! (Age appropriate please) Let's step outside of the box, yet capture images that have meaning and you'll 'feel' for years to come

Most of all, have fun with it. Senior photos will always bring you back to a special place in time and graduation is the perfect season of life to capture.

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